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Verizon Signal Boosters

Verizon Signal Boosters

Verizon, known as Verizon Wireless, a subsidiary of Verizon Communication Inc. is the largest communications service provider in the US, leading the market with a 35% market share as of 2018. It was founded in 2000 through a merger of 2 large companies at the time – Bell Atlantic and GTE. Verizon is positioning itself as one of the high-end, more expensive operators, providing excellent service quality to its clients. 

Verizon operates within the range of the following bands – B2, B4, B5, B13 and B66 that correspond to 1900, AWS(1700/2100), 850, 700, 1700/2100 MHz frequencies accordingly. 

If you are a Verizon subscriber, you are in luck, since Booster Planet offers many great Verizon signal boosters, so you never have to experience bad reception and miss another call or email again.

Why you need a Verizon signal booster

Bad reception and dropped calls are a pressing problem for many families and businesses. In this world of globalization and rapid information flow, it is important to stay connected at all times. 

Being off the grid may lead to missed business opportunities as well as disconnecting from your family and friends. We are all so busy with our daily errands, that it is hard to carve an evening out with friends and family. Missing it because of failed communication feels even worse. 

In our age of technological advancement, we want to stay connected at all times. And rightfully so, we choose a carrier that can provide us with the best possible mobile data network. No one really cares about the minutes included in the plan anymore, we want as much mobile internet as possible, since staying connected means so much more than just means to let your family know you are OK or confirm a meeting. 

Each second we stay offline, a new opportunity presents itself, a new challenge is waiting for us, a new possibility to grow, a new piece of information that is vital for your business. We measure people by their online presence these days and check the validity of the provided information.

You might think that switching to another carrier may solve the problem, but, unfortunately, the problem exists across all carriers and even areas of service. Some people think that cell phone towers might be an issue and network problems exist only in rural and remote areas, however, big and densely populated cities experience the same kind of issues.

Luckily, there is a solution – all you need to do is purchase a Verizon signal booster and your problem is solved! Booster Planet provides many high-quality Verizon cell phone boosters for you to choose from to put an end to your unstable network signal once and for all.

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